One of the Kids
Building inclusion at school

Online and virtual course

Welcome to One of the Kids online. This course will provide you with substantial information to support your advocacy for your child at school. All tips and strategies provided are backed up with research evidence and a human rights approach. Inclusive education is one of the most valuable things parents can pursue in setting children up for an inclusive adult life. The course includes self-directed learning, online live sessions to connect and hear from a parent leader, and opportunities for questions and comment.


Course overview

Module 1: Why inclusion? (Self-directed)

Main learning:

Education has impact on all aspects of life. Inclusive education for all children with disability is international thinking and a human right.

Module 2: The impact of inclusive education (Live session)

Main learning:

The importance of a good life, the potential two life pathways for a person with disability.  Hear our family leader share the importance of vision, and we will introduce you to the importance of the intentional v incidental curriculum in the educational environment.

Module 3: What does an inclusive education look like? (Self-directed)

Main learning:

Inclusion is scaffolded by international, national and state legislation, have a working knowledge of what reasonable adjustments are and the family’s role with the educators and school.

Module 4: Support at school (Self-directed)

Main learning:

Let’s unpack how the support looks in the classroom, tackle funding and the over reliance on SLSO support, successful adjustment strategies are often free.

Module 5: Advocacy – Making it happen (Live session)

Main learning:

The importance of advocacy, the parental role as equal in the collaboration with the educator, conducting effective meetings.  Vision is all important.